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Boo Radley 😻 #catsofinstagram

Boo Radley 😻 #catsofinstagram

made these stuffed mushrooms for a work potluck 🍄🍴#foodporn

made these stuffed mushrooms for a work potluck 🍄🍴#foodporn

definitely me…always. my excuse is that netflix only lets me have 15 seconds to decide if i’m doing anything with my life.

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I got this DIY idea off of pinterest. It was kind of a pain to make only because of the hand-sewing part got difficult once the braids were overlapping and the fabric was super thick. Came out really cute in the end. I used a shirt that was a little tight around the collar (i hate that constant choking feeling) so i cut it up and braided it all together to make it a racerback.

My second art/diy project I did in my 30 day art challenge was making photo boxes and albums. I bought a ton of photo boxes that were on sale awhile back but finally I did something with them and made prints to put in them! I’m going to start putting all of my travel and vacation photos in this one.

My first art project I completed during my 30 day Art/Diy challenge was an embroidery drawing that I loosely started years ago in my fiber arts class back in art school. I found it in my fabric bin when I was looking for some supplies. Luckily I found inspiration. It took me two late nights to finish the drawing with the Radiohead quote.

When I first thought of the drawing in my head I already knew what caption I wanted for it. “You are my center when I spin away” from the song Videotape has always stuck with me. No matter how distant we get, even if we disappear, you will still be in my center—keeping me steady, keeping me from losing my balance. you are my focus no matter how crazy life’s demands get.

I feel like I’ve half started so many little projects on the side in between art projects for classes that I’ve never even had the time to complete them. It feels nice to go back and actually carry out what I wanted to start, without guidelines or a curriculum. Now just to find a tiny frame so I can hang it up. :]


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